The Year Hiatus Is Over!

In fall of 2017 I released my first two games to the web to a small and tempered response but I learned about actually finishing a project and at least there was some response. So whats been going on since?
Well to start there should have been another release, in November and December I was working on a holiday themed game but just couldn't quite finish in time so its been put on the back burner until this coming holiday season. Its an action platformer in a familiar style but Im pretty hopefull the visuals and premise of the game will make it stand out. As for 2018 other non games related work seriously interfered with developement time and I shifted focus to a longer term project. This longterm project came with its own set of setbacks and lessons i want I want to share.

1. Keep up to date with updates to software you use.

This seems pretty self explainatory but only after you spend a month making the perfect sprite tiling system and inteface only to have the next update to Unity include a built in one do you truly understand.

2. Start small

Every indie professional ever says this so going in I had this in mind but when they say small they really mean ultra tiny.

3. There are not enough hours for your plan

Many indie devs start out by working on their games on the side from a regular job myself included but I want to warn you there are less hours then you think in a day. The standard indie math goes something like 24hrs in a day minus 8 for work and 7 for sleep leaves 9 to work on my game! Unfortunately reality's math goes more like this 24 - 8.5 for work - 1 for comute - 1.5 for meals - 1 for bathroom stuff - 8 for sleep leaving only 4hrs of developement time. Then you have to factor in how many days a week can you actually use those 4hrs because SO, friends, family, games you want to play. life gets in the way.

Moving forward! With struggles of last year I've decided to refocus onto browser games to learn as much I can before I consider another larger project. I plan to release on every month or atleast every two months and write about their developement weekly here on this blog. Games will first launch on Kongregate for one month before being available here as well as on itch, gamejolt, and newgrounds.

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